What To Expect With A Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction can sound scary and painful at first, especially if you have not had to go through this type of procedure before. At Charlotte Emergency Dental we specialize in tooth removal and are here to explain the whole process before you come in, to put your mind at ease and provide the most comfortable experience we can when you come into our office!

A tooth extraction may become necessary for a variety of reasons. Your orthodontist may need to remove a baby tooth before starting your journey with braces, wisdom teeth will usually need to be removed in young adults to keep enough space in your mouth for the rest of your teeth, and if a tooth is damaged or infected to the point of no return, pulling it is the best course of action to maintain good oral health.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

When you come in for a tooth extraction, your dentist will numb the area around that specific tooth with a local anesthetic. There are two procedure variations when it comes to pulling teeth: simple and surgical.

Simple Removal: this means the tooth is clearly visible in your mouth, and your general dentist can perform the removal in just a few minutes

Surgical Removal: if a tooth is not visible in your mouth (commonly referred to as an impacted tooth) an operation is required to remove it from underneath your gums, you will receive general anesthesia and a prescription pain medication to keep any pain you may experience from becoming intolerable

The Recovery Process

After your tooth has been removed, it is important to stick to the rules and guidelines your dentist provides for a healthy and speedy recovery. It is best to stick to extremely soft foods (primarily liquids) like smoothies, until your anesthesia is completely worn off. Softer foods may be best for a few days after your extraction, as well, just in case you are experiencing prolonged sensitivity. Make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly after your procedure, but avoid the specific area where you had a tooth removed for the first two days after the procedure.

Potential Complications

About 3% of patients experience dry sockets after tooth removal. This happens when blood does not clot properly where the tooth used to be and the underlying bone is exposed. Dry sockets can become extremely painful if they are not treated immediately, so make sure to call your dentist for a follow up appointment if you believe you may have complications.

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