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Don’t Be Afraid of A Root Canal!

Over the years root canal procedures have gained a terrible reputation as a terrifying treatment that is extremely painful. The truth is, root canals are WAY more helpful than they are harmful. A root canal is only prescribed to eliminate your tooth pain. The purpose of the procedure is to remove infection in your tooth that has reached deep inside its root and into your nerves, which in turn removes any pain or discomfort you may have been experiencing. It also prevents further damage to that tooth!

Here Are 3 Myths We’re Busting About Root Canals:

  1. SO Much Pain. With today’s advanced technology and our modern procedure, you may not even feel a thing throughout your root canal. There will be a tiny prick in your gums as your dentist injects your numbing medicine, but after that you shouldn’t feel much at all. Research has even shown that patients who have actually had a root canal are 6 times more likely to associate it with the word “painless” than those who have never had a root canal in their life.
  2. Long-lasting side effects. A lot of people tell our team at Charlotte Emergency Dental that they are fearful of the post-treatment pain they will experience. In reality, any pain you may feel after your root canal has been completed will not be anything an over-the-counter pain reliever can’t fix. With our experienced dentists, complications are few and far between and we will have you feeling better than ever in almost no time at all. If you believe you may be at risk of developing an infection post-treatment, talk to one of our doctors and we may provide an antibiotic for disease prevention.
  3. My tooth is a goner. The whole purpose of root canal treatment is to SAVE your tooth! Our goal is always to preserve your natural teeth in every situation, and root canals have a great track record in doing just that. Once the infection is removed from within the root of your tooth, the treatment will last the rest of your life (as long as you continue to maintain good oral health through a thorough hygiene regimen!)The goal of a root canal is to save the tooth, despite the infection inside, and it’s hugely successful in doing so.

Still Nervous for Your Treatment?

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