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Our Precautions

As our office continues to monitor CDC and WHO guidelines surrounding the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking the following precautions to keep our team and patients safe and healthy.
  1. We will continue to enforce the same high level of care and infection control as we always have. Treatment rooms are sanitized thoroughly between every patient, every day. Instruments are sterilized in a steam autoclave between every patient, every day.
  2. We are sanitizing all countertops, surfaces, credit card keypads, knobs, handles, buttons, and pens regularly throughout the day.
  3. All patients are being asked “Travel Exposure” questions as part of their appointment. Being fully transparent is critical for us to maintain healthy patients and staff.  You can find these questions within our patient registration forms below. Please print forms and fill out prior to your appointment.
  4. We are requesting that patients do not bring guests with them to their dental appointments. If one person must come with you to the appointment, they must stay in the reception area during that time, or in the car.

To make your time spent in our office quicker and more efficient, we are asking you to complete a series of documents that will allow our clinicians and office administrative staff to prepare for your visit. Please click the button below to access our new patient forms.

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