How To Save A Knocked Out Tooth

Knocked out a tooth? Don’t panic! If you act quickly, we can help save your original tooth and save you from the expenses of an artificial replacement. Follow the steps below and get to our emergency dental practice within 30 minutes of the knock out — we can help!

1. Pick up the tooth by its chewing surface NOT by the root.

Handle the tooth as carefully as possible when you are picking it up, and never touch the root of the tooth, only the chewing surface, so it does not dry out even more quickly and you do not damage the nerves.

2. If you can clearly tell that the tooth has become dirty, gently rinse it with water. 

Use only water to gently rinse off any dirt. Do not use soap or chemicals. Don’t scrub or dry the tooth, and don’t wrap it in any material — not even something soft like tissue or cloth.

3. If you can, it is greatly beneficial to reposition the tooth in its (now) empty socket.

Try to put the tooth back into its socket right away. Gently place it in your mouth using your hands and holding it by the chewing surface, or you can position it directly above the socket and slowly bite down to push it in place.

4. Do not let the tooth dry out!

The tooth must stay moist at all times, either in your mouth or, if it can’t be placed within the socket, you can hold it inside of your mouth against your cheek or keep it in a glass of milk. Do NOT use regular tap water! The cells on the surface of your tooth’s roots cannot tolerate any kind of liquid outside of your body other than milk.

5. Get to your dentist’s office within 30 minutes of the accident. 

Visit our practice on Park Road in Charlotte, NC as soon as you knock out your tooth. It is possible to save it after an hour or two but best results are achieved with very short time spans. We have extended hours 7 days a week to help you through dental emergencies just like this!

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