Soft Foods To Eat After Oral Surgery

More often than not, we think of the process of chewing and swallowing food to be trivial and heed no importance to it. But as they say, the value of some things can only be realized once they are unavailable. On similar lines, we only realize the value of our teeth once we notice some form of damage or other issue with them. Like after you undergo oral surgery and suddenly find yourself in need of soft food, so that you do not have to rely on much effort from your newly sensitive teeth to get nutrients.

A lot of people view changes in food and diet due to dental surgeries as a rough experience, thinking they need their favorite foods to help them along the recovery process. But unlike the general perception about the limited variety surgery-approved foods, there are in fact lots of food items that will not disturb the recovery process. We’ve got the list for you below!

Fruits and Vegetables 

Plenty of fruits and vegetables are edible without having to mash them up into a smoothie, you can steam or boil them, plus their nutrients, vitamins and minerals can help speed up your body’s recovery process.

Dairy and Meat Products

The protein in many dairy and meat products is beneficial to repair gum tissues and speed up the recovery process.

Cereals and Lentils

Some cereals and lentils can also be cooked in a manner that make them soft and easy to chew. This can really help to switch up your post-procedure diet!

The possibilities for making healthy, soft foods are so much more than you think. The team at Charlotte Emergency Dental is happy to help you create a diet plan post dental surgery!

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